The workforce of Commercial Credit is always recognized as the driving force behind the company attaining its current high status. We firmly believe that the distinct edge we enjoy in a highly competitive environment is enabled by our workforce.

Therefore Commercial Credit recognizes the importance of maintaining staff motivation and dedication throughout their engagement with the company as the key to long term success of the company. Hence the Company pays great attention to identifying and measuring the capability and capacity of people with respect to their relevant functional areas and their level of competence.

The function of operation of the staff is identified by the nature of capability of each staff member, where it consists of discussions with senior management and the Human Resource function at the stages of recruitment. Compensation is also decided based on the same framework of operation, which identifies the capabilities and capacities of staff.

The company would offer a competitive benefits package that fits the needs of the employee. Health insurance, life insurance and retirement savings would be major factors in retaining employees.

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