At Commercial Credit, we strongly believe that our dynamic and energetic workforce is the driving force behind our success. To this end, we invest heavily in our employees and encourage every opportunity for professional and personal advancement.

We believe in clear and open communication channels and flat management structures to encourage free thinking, enabling decisions to be made with speed and accuracy. Employees are encouraged to take responsibility and accountability for actions and decisions taken.

Our environment is one of mutual trust, respect and teamwork where you are free to air ideas and voice opinions. Our goal is to attract and retain a highly skilled and motivated workforce, respecting the individual and engaging and empowering them to their full potential and talent.

We also believe in striking a work life balance and therefore make a commitment to working smart and making time for personal activities.We strive to be the best and this has been recognized by a number of industry awards and independent accreditations we have received for our performances.

As we expand rapidly throughout the island we are looking for talented and motivated people who will contribute to our trailblazing journey.

At Commercial Credit Sri Lanka Region Job Bank, We can help you find the right job to suit to your needs, so that you get the most out of marketing wherever you are in your career. Whether it's through sharing knowledge, bringing the right people together or providing practical advice.

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