Commercial Credit as a responsible corporate citizen is extremely concerned about the well- being of the society we live and work in. Our main financial support is targeted towards the low-income segment of the society. Commercial Credit is in the process of developing products and assistance for the state employee community.

We supported this activity by encouraging employees to donate bloods and more than 100 employees participated in this event.

The Chairperson of Commercial Credit organized a CSR activity to make a donation to the Kandy Hospital Neurosurgical Unit.

Our CSR team organized a donation campaign for the Kandy Hospital, donating Oxygen Cylinders to the hospital.

The CEO personally conducts training programs for Microfinance customers on self development, child education, healthcare and well-being. Further, Commercial Credit conducts training on marketing New Product Development (NPD)and financials for customers in order to assist the development of their business.The unique concept of encouraging housewives in rural areas to earn extra income for the family has enabled them to contribute to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Emergent growth in rural locations helps to give more employment opportunities to the system. We have embarked on these activities with the intention of adding economic value to the organization, community and other stakeholders

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