They want to, they wish to but they don't know how. They are also ignorant of the benefits of doing so. A classic example of thrift and credit in its simplest form would be Microfinance offered by Commercial Credit.

In most situations an underprivileged housewife's only source of income to keep the home fires burning is what is provided by their husbands. What if female party too can pursue their talents in order to earn a steady income to reduce the burden on their husbands? But wouldn't it need some finance which they don't have access to.

Recognizing this fact, Commercial Credit ventured in to Microfinance to empower entrepreneurship at the grass root level by lending money to women in needy families to increase their self-employment opportunities whilst contributing to the development of the rural economy.

Ms. Kanthi in Sirimalwathhtha from Kandy

For over a decade I struggled to manage my shop and provide for my family. When things became very difficult, I turned to Commercial Credit for a helping hand. With their help, my business has improved steadily and my family and I have progressed rapidly.

With Commercial Credit's guidance, I paid my first one-year loan of Rs. 25,000 within just 3 months. I then took a second loan of Rs. 50,000 and commenced selling cement blocks. Today both my businesses are thriving, and so is my family.


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I work in the dried fish business in Negombo. I obtained a loan of Rs. 25,000 from Commercial Credit in order to expand my business. With the money I received, I was able to increase my stocks, improve sales and earn higher profits.

Mrs.Shirani Pathmalatha

It has been over 10 years since I started a dairy business. My relationship with Commercial Credit began when I obtained a Rs. 25,000 loan to expand the business. Having paid that off I took a Rs. 50,000 loan which I also paid well within the stipulated time. With my business prospering rapidly, I have now obtained a Rs. 75,000, which I am using to further develop my enterprise.

To everyone who asks me about my success, I tell them I owe a large part of it to Commercial Credit and the ease of doing business with them. Loans can be obtained easily and quickly with a minimum of paperwork, unlike other companies I have had experience with.

Mrs.Ivert Frilisia

Two years ago I had hit rock-bottom and didn't know where to turn to. Fortunately I got in touch with Commercial Credit and obtained a loan from them. The flexible terms and encouragement and guidance I received from them helped me to turn my business around and develop it into a successful venture.
I would advise those who are in need of a helping hand to uplift their lives, to turn to Commercial Credit's microfinance schemes.

Mrs.Dilanie Champika

It has been nearly 2 years since I put my trust in Commercial Credit . With a Rs. 25,000 loan I opened a tile factory with two employees. I have since then obtained and repaid a Rs. 50,000 loan and am now repaying a third loan of Rs. 75,000. Today I employ four workers and enjoy good profits from my business. I owe my success and my family's upliftment to Commercial Credit.


I am extremely grateful to Commercial Credit for helping my family to improve our business. I obtained the initial loan and opened a fruit shop. Our shop is now thriving and supporting my family and providing a future for our children.


I initially took out a loan of Rs. 25,000 to develop a papaya orchard. I used the money to buy seeds and chemicals to plan an acre of papaya trees. Commercial Credit helped me develop and improve the orchard and I am very grateful that I turned to them for assistance.

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