Mr. K.L.A.Senevirathne

Mr. K.L.A.Senevirathne is currently employed at Commercial Credit & Finance PLC as a Genius - Operations. He has previously worked for both Kelani Cables Limited and The Finance PLC, where he held the position of an Assistant General Manager. He has more than 25 years of Finance Industry experience. His self motivation and vision ofempowerment is a key contribution and motivator of the company's ethos, which is to cultivate and encourage a new breed of corporate workforce, which will take the country's corporate culture into a new era of incentive, impetus and inspiration.

Mr. Shammi Jayathilake

Mr. Chaminda Janaka (Shammi) Jayathilaka started his career as a Marketing Executive at Ceylinco Insurance Co.PLC, he is a dynamic personality who contributes in many ways towards the achievement of organizational goals. He counts experience as an Asst. Sales Manager at Golden Lion Universal- Hong Kong, Ceylinco Shriram Capital Management Services Co. Ltd & Asia Growth Fund-Mauritius as an Asst. Sales Manager from November 1998 to Oct 2000, where he was adjudged as the Best Performer for two consecutive years.

During his tenure at Ceylinco Consolidated Overseas Limited Dubai, UAE, as a Country Manager he brought many changes to the operations. Later he moved to Ceylinco Express Remittance Co. (Pvt) Limited as a Regional Manager- Middle East & Europe from April 2005 to August 2010 where he collaborated on many research projects. He also served Frostaire Industries (Pvt) Limited as Head of Sales making use of his industry knowledge and experience. He brings the same dedication and commitment to Commercial Credit by taking his duties as Genius - Marketing and he is an integral component of the Company's success story.

Mr. M.A.D. Janaka Deshapriya

During a career spanning over 15 years in the field of finance,he has gained a vast amount of expertise in the industry.He is a Fellow of the Society of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka and a member of the Institute of Charted Accountants of Sri Lanka. Prior to joining Commercial Credit & Finance PLC he severed The Finance Company Plc as Chief Acting AGM Finance, General Manager Operations and General Manager, overseeing the company's financial activities.

He has experience in Accounting and Financial Management, budget development and management forcasting, planning , Treasury Management, Auditing, Tax Planning and business leadership. As the Chief Financial Officer at Commercial Credit, Mr. Deshapriya is responsible for overseeing the Finance Division and holds the responsibility of managing and directing activities towards the Company’s strategic focus.

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