Commercial Credit and Finance PLC was established on the 4th of October 1982 following its incorporation under the Companies Act No. 17 of 1982 as a Private Limited Liability Company in Sri Lanka’s hill capital, Kandy, as Commercial Credit (Pvt) Ltd. Subsequently, it was registered as a Public Limited Liability Company under the provisions of the above Act on the 16th of December 1989 as Commercial Credit Ltd.

The Company was then re-registered under the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007 on the 8th of April 2008 and under the Finance Business Act No. 42 of 2011 on the 6th of August 2012. When the shares of the Company were listed on the Dirisavi Board of the Colombo Stock Exchange on the 1st of June 2011, the Company’s name underwent another change and became Commercial Credit PLC. In compliance with the provisions of the Finance Business Act No. 42 of 2011, the Company changed its name to Commercial Credit and Finance PLC with effect from 17th May 2012.

The Company was originally established with the prime focus on agricultural lending. From its inception, the Company inculcated a strong process and system driven culture reaping numerous benefits over the years. However, the Company underwent a change in its majority shareholdings in October 2009 resulting in a new management team. This dynamic team brought with it a new philosophy; a value driven culture that drives the Company towards greater success in the longer term thereby contributing to the meaningful development of the overall society.


To build leaders who uplift the lives of people by simple acts of love.


To be the most liberated Company admired for its people, partnership and performance.


To be a dynamic Finance Company which develops and nurtures leaders at every level of the organization to serve society with passion.