Welcome to Commercial Credit & Finance PLC. Internationally acknowledged as Sri Lanka's premier financial service organization, Commercial Credit is widely recognized as a trailblazer in the finance industry, benchmarking the highest standards of service and performance. Backed by an expert and experienced team, Commercial Credit is dedicated to offering pioneering and innovative solutions carefully designed to bring the best value and highest performance to your financing requirements.

Our values form the basis of our operations and are the guiding force behind our success. From strategic planning to day-to-day decision making, they govern the manner in which Commercial Credit treats all stakeholders.Following are our key values.

The workforce of Commercial Credit is always recognized as the driving force behind the Company attaining its current high status. We firmly believe that the distinct edge we enjoy in a highly competitive environment is enabled by our workforce.

Commercial Credit, as the fastest growing finance company in the country, has identified that developing a strategic plan is a prerequisite to achieving consistent growth within a highly challenging corporate environment.

  • Mrs.Dilanie Champika

    "It has been nearly two years since I joined Commercial Credit. I started doing a Tile Factory and got Rs. 25,000 loan from Commercial Credit & Finance PLC ..."

  • Ms. Kanthi in Sirimalwathhtha

    "An initial loan of Rs. 25,000 helped her to expand her small batik shop to a fully-fledged retail shop. It took her just three months to pay back the first year's loan..."

  • Ms.Sarojini

    "Sarojini is in the dried fish business in Pitipana North Negombo. She now has four labourers working for her and she hopes to obtain more loans..."

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