Company Name Commercial Credit and Finance PLC
Legal Form Incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company under the Companies act No. 17 of 1982 on October 04, 1982 and converted to a Public Company on 16th December 1989 and Re- registered Under the Companies Act No.07 of 2007 on 8th April 2008. The Company is registered under the Finance Companies Act No.78 of 1988. The Company is registered under the Finance Leasing Act No. 56 of 2000.
New Registration Number (Under the Companies Act No.07 of 2007) PB 269 PQ
Place of Incorporation Kandy, Sri lanka
Registered Office No. 106, Yatinuwara Veediya, Kandy
Telephone No 081-2000000
Fax 081-2234390
Chairman Mr. E.D.P. Soosaipillai
Managing Director Mr. R.S. Egodage
Board of Directors Mr.E.D.P.Soosaipillai (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Mr. R.S. Egodage (Executive Director)
Mrs. G.R. Egodage (Executive Director)
Mr. K.D.Vander Weele (Non-Executive Director)
Mr. P.T. Fisher (Non-Executive Director)
Mr. P.S.R.C. Chitty (Executive Director)
Mr. L.L.S. Wickramasinghe (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Ms. T.M.L. Paktsun (Independent Non Executive Director)
Ms. G.A.M. Edwards (Independent Non Executive Director)
Mr. Rajan Sarawanamuthu (Independent Non Executive Director)
Mr. Bandula Egodage (Non-Executive Director)
Company Secretary Jacey & Company
No: 9/5, Thambiah Avenue, Colombo 07
Lawyers of the Company Julies & Creasy
No. 41, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 01.
Company Auditors Ernst & Young 201, De Saram Place, Colombo 10 (External)
Bankers of the Company Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
Cargills Bank Limited
Hatton National Bank PLC
Nations Trust Bank PLC
Sampath Bank PLC
National Development Bank PLC
Seylan Bank PLC
People’s Bank
Bank of Ceylon
Pan Asia Bank
Audit Committee Mr. E. D. P. Soosaipillai (chairman)
Mr. L.L.S. Wickramasinghe
Mr. T.M.L. Paktsun
Intergraded Risk Management Committee Mr. L.L.S. Wickramasinghe(chairman)
Mr. E.D.P. Soosaipillai
Mr. R.S. Egodage
Mr. P.S.R.C. Chitty
Mr. T.M.L. Paktsun
Mr. M.A.D.J. Deshapriya
Mr. K.L.A. Senevirathne
Business Licence Issued by CBSL