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Culture & Values

Culture and Values

Loving and Caring

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"Love is the sacrifice you make, the extra mile you go... to make someone happy... to spiritually uplift someone's life..."

Love and care for our fellow beings is a basic tenet of life. At Commercial Credit it is a basic principle of our corporate philosophy. As one of our five corporate values, loving and caring embody the way we work, and mould our relationships with our customers.

With Commercial Credit you can rest assured that we will go above and beyond the boundaries of service, to ensure your success, fulfilment and happiness through a lasting relationship based on love and care.

Integrity and Trust

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"Trust is the key to every relationship. Trust is initially how relationships start and it is through the development of trust that relationships grow."

We believe the only way to do business is to always embrace Integrity and Trust. Integrity and Trust are real and observable – and are the essence of everything successful. A solid foundation of trust is necessary for an organization to be effective, especially in today’s work environment.

We believe integrity and trust are critical to personal and professional success. These values are among our most highly prized value added propositions to our business, and are actively cultivated within our environment. We design and build products, services and structures with integrity so that people will trust us, our products and our organizations with their commitments, their aspirations and their futures.

Learning and Development

Culture Image "At Commercial Credit we believe that learning is the single most powerful investment we can ever make in your life..., in fact we are the instruments of your own performance.."

We believe that learning and development are the most empowering investments we can make in ourselves. We believe we owe it to ourselves to break new ground and expand our horizons, ensuring both personal and professional fulfilment as we contribute towards uplifting the lives of those around us.

Think Win Win

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"We want to build long lasting, sustainable relationships with everybody who comes into contact with us through win-win thinking"

Positive thinking and working towards mutual benefit is vital to the way we do business. We believe that in our business relationships, if both parties aren’t winning, then both are losing, and we work hard to ensure reciprocal benefits. It’s not about doing it your way or our way – it’s about doing it the best way.

Synergy and Teamwork

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"The essence of synergy is valuing difference, the mental, the emotional, and psychological difference between people - respect them, to build on strengths, the compensate weaknesses."

At Commercial Credit we celebrate individual differences in knowledge, skill sets and work practice via a balanced collaboration that underscores the importance of working as a team towards a common goal. Our culture of teamwork and synergy breeds respect, innovation and creativity, creating an environment where excellence is not a special occurrence - it's simply the way we work.