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The 4th of October 1982 saw the momentous birth of Commercial Credit and Finance PLC. As a Registered Finance company in the hill capital of Kandy. From strong foundations and stable growth over nearly three decades, the Company has today as a revolutionary leader in the finance industry.

During the initial stages of operation, the Company was mainly focused on lending to the agricultural sector with this sector accounting for over 50% of the lending portfolio. While operating in 16 locations throughout the island, the traditional agricultural regions such as Anuradhapura and Dehiattakandiya accounted for the bulk of the company's business.

During the initial years Commercial Credit focused heavily on inculcating a strong process and system driven culture. This focus has paid off strongly, resulting in the development of a state-of-the-art Management Information System (MIS). The system's efficiency has enabled leaner management and greater efficiency, a cornerstone of the company's success through the years. The Process driven culture also enabled the Company to obtain ISO 9001:2008 in October 2006 for enhanced quality management compliance.

A change of management in October 2009 marked a new era in Commercial Credit's history, with the company's reins being taken over by a visionary corporate strategist, Mr.Roshan Egodage. Under his guidance, the implementation of a focused corporate strategy, including a new corporate image, new and innovative products, modern infrastructure and pioneering employment empowerment, has yielded outstanding results.

The driving force behind Commercial Credit's astronomical success to date is the Company's dedicated workforce, drawn from the cream of the industry's talent pool. Commercial Credit's culture of liberalization and empowerment has enabled the team to overachieve in terms of industry norms. The loyalty and commitment of the team members have been a pivotal factor in its success story.

Since 2009 the Company has achieved record-breaking growth in all areas of operation. Since late 2009, the Company's growth has more than tripled in every sector. Commercial Credit currently enjoys one of the best NPL and Cost to Income ratios in the industry, as well as achieving the highest profit increase in the finance industry. The Company was judged the Best Finance Company at the prestigious international UDC Business Awards 2011 in Malaysia.

Many innovative and trail-blazing products such as motor credit, micro finance, lease vehicle, Commercial Credit cash, land finance, etc. have enabled the company to serve an increasingly diverse nearly 1 million strong customer base, at nearly 120 branches across the country. Upgraded branch facilities and cutting-edge marketing strategies continue to garner the Company a rapidly expanding and loyal client network.

The implementation of a forward thinking Strategic Plan aimed at further boosting growth and profitability is cementing the Company's reputation as in industry leader, propelling Commercial Credit to a well-deserved position among the country's top finance companies.

Harnessing the best of the industry's talent and experience together with a dedication to offering the highest performing financial solutions, Commercial Credit's goal is to create and empower future leaders and uplift the livings standards of society at large.